Jackie Meza :)(non-registered)
Hello there Mr. Ruiz
I really enjoyed looking through your pictures. You truly have talent, and i can tell that you put a lot of hard work into what you do. Keep up the great work, and keep indulging people with your work of art!
Laurie Guillen (Nick' Mom)(non-registered)
Really enjoyed viewing your web site!!! Awesome job!!! I have your work hanging all over my walls!!!
Angela Ortiz(non-registered)
Great website Paul!
hey paul,
i came across your website and i just wanted to let you know that your pictures are amazing.
theyre coming out really good! keep up the good work =)
Nice portfolio! What scene are you gonna do next?
Love the piccy pic's!!!!!!! So purty :) Good Job! I rate a 10 out of 9 hehehe
liz reyes(non-registered)
simply lovely! <3
Meranda Montgomery(non-registered)
Paul, Im so jealous. You do amazing work. When we find time Im going to pick your brain. I hope you keep adding more pictures because I love to see them. If there is every a time that I need pics done and I cant do them myself, you will be the first on the list to call.
Geraldine Brashear(non-registered)
Hey bebes!!! Just wanted to leave a little love on your page. Your pictures are so amazing.. so much talent in your work. Hope to get as good as you some day:) Love Ya bebes!
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